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How to cook Dj‘s Dry Noodle

Step 1 - Put the noodles into hot boiling water and cook for 4 minutes.

 Djs Dry Noodle cooking step 1 - cook noodle

Step 2 - Dredge up the noodles and put into dish or bowl.

Djs Dry Noodle Cooking Step 2 - Dredge up the noodle

Step 3 - Pour Sauce packet(s) on the noodle.

Djs Noodle Cooking Step 3 - pour sauce

Step 4 - Stir noodle evenly and ready to enjoy delicious Dj's Dry Noodle.

Djs dry noodle Step 3- stir noodle

Dj's noodle basic cooking step by step: